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United Airlines


United Airlines is the world’s largest airline, as distinguished by the overwhelming number of international destinations offered and the thousands of customers taxied down its runways every day. As a founding member of the Star Alliance, a conglomerate of airliners,United Airlines offers connections to over 1,000 destinations in 170 countries. Their largest airline hub is in Houston at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, but the company recently moved its headquarters to downtown Chicago in May of 2012. United Airlines offers the most comprehensive global route network, with non-stop or one-stop service between all of the continents. Coupled with the most fuel-efficient airplanes in the business, this global network is what makes United Airlines such a significant player in the realm of international travel. In 2012 alone, they completed two million flights to service approximately 140 million customers.


United Airlines
The airline is part of the corporation Unite Continental Holdings. This joint committee was formed when they acquired Continental in 2010. As a company, the airliner has received many rewards, including Fortune magazine’s 2012 award for World’s Most Admired Airline. In order to maintain the quality of their business, the corporation maintains many social and ethical values. They are committed to protecting their passengers, their employees, and the environment. With a staff of more than 80,000 people operating their fleet of Boeing 707’s, Continental Holdings takes serious responsibility for the people it employs. In 2013, they received a top honor from the board at Equality Illinois for their respect and admirable treatment towards their workers. In regards to the environment, they hold the record for fuel-efficiency when compared across cabin size and also have made significant efforts to use alternate energy sources, such as biodiesel fuel.


United Airlines has a substantial, international presence. As a company nearly 90 years old, they have shaped the world literally and figuratively with its flight patterns. Its influence reaches across many aspects of everyday life. In Chicago, the company is a major sponsor to all five major sports teams: the Bulls (NBA), the Bears (NFL), the Blackhawks (NHL), the Cubs and the White Sox (MLB). They even contributed to the U.S. Olympic team. Continuing their ambitions this year, United is improving their airliner fleet and expanding their routes with new planes and destinations. For the past nine years, readers of the magazine Global Traveler have voted for United’s frequent flier program as the industry’s leader. United Airlines continually impresses its travelers and rewards them for their choice of the world’s leader airliner with consistent progress.